Italy Miss Tourists, But Not Naughty ones Like in Pompeii

Italy Miss Tourists, But Not Naughty ones Like in Pompeii

August 25, 2020 0 By admin

Rome – Italian tourism is devastated by the Corona virus pandemic. When it opened again, the Pizza Country was immediately confronted by wayward tourists at the Pompeii Site.
Not once or twice a tourist who comes to Italy is Villagi last minute in Calabria acting silly. Among them, two German tourists soaking in the Grand Canal in Venice or Austrian tourists breaking the legs of hundreds of years old statue to take pictures.

Finally, there is a woman taking a selfie on top of the archaeological site of Pompeii. The site is a recently reopened hot spring bath.

The behavior of the female tourist was criticized. Pompeii site manager did not remain silent.

“The investigation into this case has been opened,” said Massimo Osanna, Director of the Pompeii Website.

Lawmakers introduced a bill that would impose penalties for those who destroy Italy’s artistic heritage. This law has actually been tried to be implemented, but has not yet received approval from the parliamentary assembly.

“We have to make a better effort to educate tourists to respect our heritage, to make them understand where they are,” he said.

Even adding hundreds of security staff will not help. Because, there are always places that can be accessed without the control of tourists.

“It would be better to let visitors know that they are stepping on fragile soil and any damage done to the site is damage done to world heritage,” he said.

In the case of the baths at the Pompeii Site, prosecutors will check the Pompeii reservation system to match names to scattered photos. Irlando, an architect and president of a local tourism association, is monitoring the progress of the case.

“I told them that standing on the building at the Pompeii Site is not safe. If anyone damages the site, let me know,” said Irlando.